Interview to Dr. Mottola from 26 October 2020

Dr. Mauro Mottola, born and raised in Germany, but living and working in Como for over twenty years, is the CEO of MMBC Sagl and the Team Leader and Founder of Teamwork Business unit MMBC Sagl.

According to Dr. Mottola, cohesion is a very important requirement in order to be successful. Thus, he has built a team of Lombard and complementary companies with the aim of carrying Italian quality to the German-speaking markets. Working within an established and experienced team means having mutual advantages.

The team spirit is described by the Team Leader in the following way:

The Teamwork Group companies achieve important advantages over the competitors on the market thanks to the outstanding and transparent collaboration within the team. We analyze and supervise every development phase of a project. In this way, the fastest launch on the market is guaranteed. Together we can provide the best result to our customers”.

The secret of successful partnership is in excellent work, close collaboration and in the ability to provide all resources with the purpose of creating the best future for the partners.