Award Ceremony of the Partner Teamwork Galvanica Sata s.r.l. a socio unico at the Welfare Index PMI 2020

The world continues to be kept on tenterhooks by the Covid19. Nowadays the general mood is swinging from the displeasure to fear, but the courage, struggle and creativity are standing in between. The Teamwork Group focuses on innovation, investment and social progress.

Our partner, Galvanica Sata s.r.l. a socio unico, has been awarded for the social cohesion by the Italian Prime Minister.

Galvanica Sata was awarded in the group of SMEs for exemplary measures against Covid19, for the support of employees and suppliers. The entire TEAMWORK group is also committed to paying on time the suppliers and also to supporting them with the orders.

Dr. Alessandro Savoldi (right), the owner of Galvanica Sata s.r.l. a socio unico awarded by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (left)

Three-day meeting with German Partners in the Black Forest

A halfway meeting between friends and, at the same time, exceptional colleagues.

In this familiar atmosphere characterized by mutual trust, talking about work is a pleasure. Friendship, trust and strong commitment: the basis of the collaboration between the Teamwork Partners.

New Teamwork Technology

Metrios_Catalogue_en_Trafilspec ITS S.p.A.

TEAMWORK is a group of Italian companies at the forefront in promoting innovative solutions, that operates in more than 15 technological sectors. We have more than 600 highly qualified employees and in 2019 we achieved a turnover of 187 million euros.

Even in these difficult times we continue to invest in our companies. Our group of enterprises has a solid financial basis and we are ready to process your requests with great rapidity according to high quality standards.

Our most recent investment, made by our Partner Trafilspec ITS S.p.A., is a step forward towards the digital future. Our Partner has invested in the measuring instrument “Metrios”: the measurement result is available in a few seconds. With this investment we have created added value, as a result we have reduced delivery times and increased quality of our products. In this way, we are able to offer you cost-effective products.

We have established 3 representative offices in Germany with the aim of offering our assistance and sales services in the most effective way. In the region of North Rhine-Westphalia we are represented by the company of Roland Lünnemann GmbH, in Baden-Württemberg by M.O.S Martin Schweiger, in Bavaria by A / M / T Industry Partners. Our German Partners are always ready to provide quick and highly qualified support. Overall management is entrusted to our Headquarters MMBC Sagl in Chiasso.


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Our staff is always at your disposal. We work for our customers in order to achieve mutual success!

Your TEAMWORK partners.


Dr. Mauro Mottola